Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Valley Gives 2014: Today is the Big Day!

Preserving  New England's Tribal Heritage:
A 12,000 Year Legacy of 
Earth Connection and Sustainability.
 ∞  Honoring the Past ∞ Healing the Present 
∞ Celebrating the Future  ∞

This is the BIG DAY!
Your GIFT Today 
Will Help Us Continue
The Work!

Your GIFT of $10+ will
be DOUBLED through a
(the first $1000)
and qualify us
Storyteller and Wildlife Rehabilitator Loril Moondream 
and Medicine Mammals Singers Are Regular Participants  
at Nolumbeka Project Events.  (Pocumtuck Homelands Festival, 2014)
Dear Friends,
People like you have been invaluable in our efforts these past three years.  2014 was a huge success:
• We presented 3 Cultural Events • Presented other public talks and educational events
 • Successfully negotiated passage of  Greenfield's  Native American Burial Ordinance
• Improved the Gardens and Trails at Wissatinnewag • Opened a new office 

Now, you can be part of our efforts in 2015.  Please donate tonight and join us for:
• Free Soup and Games Night, Hope and Olive, March 2
•Third Annual Commemoration of Great Falls Massacre, May 16
• Pocumtuck Homelands Festival, August 1
Beaver Moon Gathering, November 21
Stay Tuned for More:
 Together, we can make a difference 
Nolumbeka Project Board of Directors