Thursday, December 4, 2014

 Nolumbeka Project
Preserving  New England's Tribal Heritage:
A 12,000 Year Legacy of 
Connection and Sustainability.
 ∞  Honoring the Past ∞ Healing the Present 
∞ Celebrating the Future  ∞

••Historical Research••Cultural Gatherings••Sacred Site Preservation •• 
•• Native American Gardening and Heritage Seed Preservation •• 
••Land Stewardship •••• Public Advocacy ••
Greetings from the Nolumbeka Project!  
We come to you, seeking funding through Valley Gives!

We are inviting you to drop by a "Valley Gives!  Open House", December 9 from 4-6PM.  Stop by the Mohawk Mall, 91 Main Street, Greenfield,  for a cup of cider,  to visit  our new little office and research library! 

Your donation given before Wednesday December 10th helps make us eligible for Valley Gives prizes of $500 to $5000!

We are the regional Native American advocacy group...stewards of the rich heritage of the indigenous people of New England.

We seek..." to exemplify the Native American Indian people's respect for Mother Earth and all living beings, and to be mindful of our role as caretakers for future generations..."

In just our first three years, building on the great wealth of a 12,000 year old legacy,  we have: 

created an annual calendar of events... from the "May Memorial to the Massacre of 1675"  to the Pocumtuck Homelands and Beaver Moon Festivals;

• become stewards of the ancient, 60 acre Wissatinnewag Village, where, with the help of so many friends and allies,  we are :
•  preserving indigenous plants and  clearing ancient trails, 
  planting traditional "three sisters" (corn, beans & squash)  circle gardens.
  growing sacred tobacco and sweet grass

•  written and negotiated the passage of the new Greenfield Indian Burial Ordinance, a useful model for other towns seeking to respect ancient ancestral bones. 

•  In October, we opened a FIRST!  Our office and research library at the Mohawk Mall which will enable us to coordinate all this and more.  

Thank you for for becoming a part of this remarkable journey, by becoming a  donor,  and making a gift at

The Board of Nolumbeka Project,  
Joe Graveline, David Brule, Howard Clark, Diane Dix, Barbara Francis,
Strong Oak Lefevre, Pam Kelly, Pat Allen, Lisa McLoughlin, Skye Dix-Wellington

PS  The Board of Nolumbeka is offering a $1000 challenge grant, to match the gift of NEW donors.  Every new donor, $10.00 or more, makes us eligible for Valley Gives prizes!
Together we can Create and Celebrate 
a World of Connection and Sustainability.