Monday, May 25, 2015

A Spirited Gathering Commemorates the Tragedy of May 19, 1676

(Posted by Diane Dix on Facebook on May 17)

Yesterday's event was meaningful and well attended. We give thanks for the beautiful weather, the river, the birds, to all who showed up for the ceremony and later for the walk. Strong Oak's words made a tremendous impression on people and Loril Moondream's Apache chant was very powerful. 

If anyone took photos and is willing to share we would love to post them. The ceremony, drumming and spoken word segment was filmed by MCTV volunteers. Thank you! And Lance Smith, Nolumbeka Project website manager, and Karen Miller from GCTV, filmed the walk. It must have been very interesting because people stayed until after dark to hear more from Howard, Joe and David. We will let everyone know when these videos are available for viewing