Sunday, August 3, 2014

Quinnetukut: Life in the Woodlands on Cable TV

The film Quinnetukut: Life in the Woodlands exploring the customs, traditions and lifeways of the Alkonkian peoples of the Northeast before contact with the colonizing Europeans is now airing on Falls Cable on Channel 17 in Shelburne Falls, Shelburne and Buckland on the following dates and times:
Sun. 8/3-7 pm
Mon. 8/4-11:30 am
Tues. 8/5-8 am
Wed. 8/6-8 pm
Thurs. 8/7 -10 am
Fri. 8/8-2 pm

Produced by Institute for American Indian Studies,  Quinnetukut: Life in the Woodlands is now available on DVD from the Institute for American Indian Studies Museum and Research Center.   A discussion with Lucianne Lavin, Ph.D., IAIS Director of Research & Collections, is included as a featurette on the DVD and is available on the Museum's Facebook page.